About Me

I’ve always been happiest when I’m creating something. My childhood was full of creativity. I loved colours and to sketch and paint. I loved clothes so learned to knit and sew. My parents would wake up to find me peacefully drawing in the mornings and my dad caught me once wearing so many clothes I could barely move. My mother questioned my fashion choices, but she still bought me the red shiny clogs when I insisted it was all I wanted. She recognised my love of the film Grease (I watched this on repeat) and I later realised it must have been the visuals that reeled me in. I love 50’s fashion still.

When I left school, I didn’t know what to do, so I stayed and enrolled in the sixth form, this was a choice I was immediately unhappy with and started to skip classes a lot. I did find a┬ásource of happiness though… I was spending my free time drawing. If you’ve ever read The Alchemist, this is one of those moments when your personal legend is calling out to you.

So I enrolled at the Centre for the Arts to study Art & Design. It was an amazing two years and I left with a BTEC in Fashion Design, plus the experience of seeing my design on a catwalk at NEC Clothes Show.

I gained an interest in photography while I was at The University of Salford Manchester, and graduated with a degree in Fashion Styling & Image Making. I got to see a photo of mine in a Vice article and I exhibited my portfolio at Graduate Fashion Week.

After graduating with a love of photography, I joined the team at harrisoncameras.co.uk and took on their social media channels. When I wasn’t providing technical advice about cameras, I was using Photoshop to design website banners, social media marketing, and posters to advertise cameras, courses, competitions & events. I left that role after 2 and a half years to be true to my personal legend and find graphics work.

Since then I have been working in various freelance roles where I make graphics and write SEO content, whilst I also study UX Research and Design Thinking.